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NauBriana’s a Cornea Recipient & Organ, Eye & Tissue Donation Advocate. Her experience before receiving Cornea Transplants shined light on the fact that there could be more of us raising awareness. There also should be more of us educating others about the importance of not just donating but wellness & mental health. Not too long ago, a couple of strangers made a choice that restored her vision from an eye disease called Keratoconus. It saved her life & created an Extreme Visionary. Her belief is that we’re all placed here to play a role in another person's life. Those that find it difficult to make the decision to donate may have a lot of questions or think this decision can wait. Not only has she interviewed other recipients & donors who disagree but she’s a walking testimony of how the gift of sight can completely transform a mediocre life. Unfortunately, even though there are no instances of donation between people who are living, today just never seems to be the right timing for a lot of people. In reality, there will never be “the perfect timing” but we know for certain becoming a donor now is an amazing way to contribute to give life later. It’s a blessing to bless someone else. In this case, up to 75 people with just 1 single donation. A huge part of Extreme 20/20 Visionaries is the desire to continue living a life of contribution & significance & not just consumption. If not by donation, in what other way can we give back? Will our communities know who we are? NauBriana strongly believes if we’re all truly blessed & appreciative to be here our daily decisions here on earth will be a reflection of that. Not by existing & in attendance but living & making an impact. “I don’t mind playing the role of the messenger until we’re all considered World Changers. Clearly, there's a lot of work to do but I've seen amazing things happen when just a handful of people with a huge heart come together with an extreme vision. My hope is to create Extreme Visionaries.” #Give


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