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One person becoming an organ donor can directly save up to nine lives. That's the power that each and every one of us holds. It wasn't always that way! The journey to get to this point in organ transplant success was long and difficult, with many trials and errors across human history. But together, we've made incredible leaps, and we continue to improve the process of getting organs where they need to go and keeping the people who receive them healthy afterwards. The science is sound, and the history is in the past, so today, the biggest obstacle is the paperwork! Please join us, Tristan (Step Back History) and Xander (ARTexplains) in signing up to be an organ donor, right now! Signing up to be an organ donor can be a tricky process, so we wanted to change that with this registration drive campaign. If you live in the United States, you can use this form to officially sign up as an organ donor on the national registry called "Donate Life America". If you live in a different country, please seek out your respective sign-up procedure. Change lives, change the world, and thank you for making the (eventual) gift that would have been completely impossible to make only a few decades ago!


Enter your information to register as an organ, eye and tissue donor.

This registration is a binding, legal document of gift. You affirm the information provided is accurate. You agree upon death to donate all eligible organs and tissues for transplant.

You can remove your registration or specify more detailed donation preferences at any time at

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